What you need to know before taking a dispatch through our hall

Most jobs strictly require pre-access Drug and Alcohol testing. If you can NOT pass the test, do NOT take the call. Anyone who fails the test will be charged a $500.00 fine and will have to take a drug and alcohol return-to-work course before being dispatched again.

You will need 2 proofs of residence for LOA jobs. (see "Proof of Residence" link for more information)

You will need a current CSTS or SCOT, a current Rights & Responsibilities and Fall Protection tickets (tickets must be 2010 or newer as of your start date).

BFI and BHP Jansen require Fit For Work testing.

All workers must have proof of all trade and safety tickets.

All travel cards must email or produce a current dues receipt and all trade tickets before being dispatched.

All Iron Workers must have rigging belt equipped with tools when they show up for work.

All Iron Workers must have a void cheque for direct deposit.

Click on the link below to see more information on Proof of Residence