Negotiations – Offer from the Contractors

Double time:

All double time and hours earned on pension remain as per the current agreement.


Amongst the changes to language that were already discussed, there is language to cover online onboarding:

“Each Employee shall be on the payroll and paid while receiving PART 3 training and employer onboarding. The employer will pay the estimated duration, as provided by the client or owner, for any online orientation or onboarding at straight-time rates.”



Subsistence or LOA will be as per the Quadrant system. It is currently under review, but these are the current rates.














6-day rotations get you 7 days of sub:

“Where the work schedule is 6 days per week, subsistence allowance shall be paid for the 7th day, provided the Employee works all of the available scheduled hours on the workday immediately preceding and the workday immediately following the 7th day. Proof of appropriate receipt shall be provided by the employee upon request of the employer.”



$9.30 over 5 years, or 15.88% when compounded.