What is Organizing?

The common term for a group of workers looking to join a union is “Organizing.” Workers organize for various reasons, be it to improve their working conditions, increase their pay or benefits, and/or to create a better working environment. We encourage you to read more about us to see if joining our union is right for you and/or your coworkers.

Workers form unions because there is power in numbers. Where unions are strong, employers must bargain collectively to set the terms and conditions of employment. The demand for profits must then be compromised with fairness toward workers.

What Have Unions Done for Us?

  • 8-hour day
  • 5-day work week
  • Health Insurance
  • Good pensions
  • Higher wages
  • Job security
  • Overtime pay
  • Job safety
  • Family and medical leave
  • Fair treatment for women, people of all ethnic backgrounds, and those with disabilities

The best way to encourage your employer to recognize your union and negotiate a fair contract is to build a strong organization where you work. If your employer violates the law, the union can help you file "unfair labour practice" charges with the National Labour Relations Board.

The Labour board has the power -- backed up by the federal courts -- to order an employer to stop interfering with employee rights, to provide back pay, and to reverse any action taken against workers for union activity.

You can help protect your legal rights by:

  • Keeping written notes of any incidents in which company officials or supervisors threaten, harass, or punish workers because of union activity.
  • Immediately reporting any such incidents to your organizing committee and the union staff.

You can help yourself by building a better workplace right now. All you need to do is unionize/organize your workplace. You can start this simple process by either contacting one of our Organizers or filling out the online application and signing a Union Representation Card. Any cards that we receive will be kept confidential (No one but the Union will see these cards). Once we have a minimum of 45% of the workforce signed up, we can then apply to the L.R.B. for certification. The L.R.B. then verifies if the cards signed are acceptable and meet the required threshold. When all the criteria's are met, the L.R.B. will order a representation vote. That is when you the employees decide whether or not you want the Iron Workers to represent you. You hold the power to unionize and collectively improve your well-being. Solidarity forever!

In applying for membership, you understand that the union intends to apply and be certified as your exclusive bargaining agent and to represent you in collective bargaining.