What is an Ironworker?

Ironworkers are involved in erecting buildings and bridges as well as other structures. They follow blueprints to hoist and install structural steel as well as precast concrete, concrete reinforcing materials and other metals used in construction. They set up the framework of a building by positioning steel girders or other structural elements and then bolting them into place. Ironworkers are usually employed by construction companies and sub-contractors and their wages depend on a variety of factors such as demand and skill levels.

Although structural steel work is the basis of the Ironworkers trade, you may find yourself carrying out a number of other tasks related to construction. You may assemble prefabricated buildings, do some welding or reinforce concrete by inserting metal bars or mesh into it while it is setting. You may be called upon to install steel studs for framing interior walls or to adjust and position steel joists to support concrete floors or ceilings. You may also find yourself working with ornamental steel or other structural metals work such as railings, power doors, metal stairways and hand rails.

 “Ironwork is a multi-faceted trade that attracts people who like variety. You have to be able to do a little bit of everything.”

Our effort to represent more workers is called organizing, and that’s how we’ll bring higher wages, better benefits, and greater safety to the entire ironworking industry.

If you and other workers in your company are dissatisfied with your employer, the Iron Workers Union can help you organize your workplace—you can all become union members. We’ve even put an organizing form online for you to fill out—we’ll keep your information confidential, and have an organizer get in touch with you to see what we can do to bring justice to you and your fellow workers.

Organizing can be difficult—employers frequently oppose their employees standing up for their rights. The Iron Workers Union is committed to organizing, and thinking outside of the box to better protect you in your struggle for workplace justice.

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