Changing the Face of Men’s Health

“It’s time to talk about men’s mental health. …”

Local 771 has partnered with Bluecore Barber Company for NNovember this year.  Bluecore will be open on October 29th, 2019 to shave off existing mustaches.  They will be donating all proceeds from the event directly to the CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) Saskatchewan Division.  Local 771 will be matching the donations from Bluecore.

“It’s time to bust the stigma that discourages men from talking about their mental health and seeking help if problems emerge. We should all be aware that men’s symptoms of depression may include physical pain, anger or irritability.”

Mental Health has affected our membership greatly over the past year, which is why we believe this to be a great cause.  Members interested in participating will be able to visit Bluecore on October 29th to get shaven and help out with the cause.  Stewards will also be able to collect donations as well.


Please come out and support a great cause.