Our Work

Members of the Iron Workers, Local Union No. 771, perform some, or all of the following job duties:

Erect and weld structural steel framework for bridges, dams, towers, industrial plants, hospitals, schools and shopping centers. In addition to erecting structural steel, Iron Workers are also involved in concrete reinforcing (rebar and wire mesh) precast concrete, industrial plan maintenance, machinery and equipment, rigging and installation, dragline construction and curtain wall installation. Apprenticeship is 3 years or 6,000 hours.

Some of the job tasks performed by the Iron Workers include:

The erection and welding of industrial and commercial structural steel buildings
Rebar and wire mesh for concrete reinforcing
The erection of windmills and communications towers
Curtain wall installation
Machinerey and equipmetn rigging and installation
Industrial plant maintenance
Dragline rigging and welding
Post tensioning
The erection of bridges
Structural steel and equipment associated with potash mines, power houses, uranium mines, steel mills, pumping and compressor stations, etc.
Welding – stick, wire, etc.