Direct Deposit – Coughlin & Associates


Coughlin & Associates Ltd. is encouraging its customers to go green and support our youth by enrolling in its Pre-Authorized Deposit (PAD) program.

In an effort to reduce its paper consumption, protect the environment and support our youth, Coughlin is pledging to make a donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa and Winnipeg’s Macdonald Youth Services and Epic Opportunities for every customer who signs up for pre-authorized deposit.

Coughlin issues more than 213,000 health and dental claim cheques and envelopes each year, equivalent to 684 trees, according to data published by RAINFORESTMAKER.ORG. Encouraging customers to have their claims reimbursements deposited directly into the accounts of their financial institution will save paper – and our forests.

By linking our efforts to reduce paper consumption, save our forests and support youth service organizations, we are helping to create a greener future for our children.

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