Local 771 Job Line

  • Please read the jobs available carefully and call (306) 522-7932 and Press 2 to post in.
  • Members call between 8 and 9 AM – We will take the names of all members posting in between 8 and 9 AM and then refer to the out of work list for who is to be dispatched first.
  • Travel cards and permits between 9 and 10 AM daily
  • Post in is Monday to Friday only. NOT weekends or Holidays

All jobs strictly require pre-access drug and alcohol testing, if you cannot pass the test, do not take the test. Anyone who fails the test will be charged a $500.00 fine and will have to take a drug and alcohol return to work course before being dispatched again. You will need 2 proofs of residence for LOA jobs ie: Property Tax receipt, Utility Bill with home address (cannot be a cell phone bill, cannot be a drivers licence).** PLEASE NOTE: All proofs of residence MUST be an ORIGINAL DOCUMENT, copies will NOT be accepted. Before going to site a current CSTS or SCOT, a current Rights and Responsibilities and Fall protection ticket (tickets must be no older than 3 years or have a current expiration date as of your start date)Welders must have at a minimum a valid, all position SMAW to be dispatched. Supreme Steel and all jobs at BHP Jansen require fit for work testing. All workers must have proof of all trade and safety tickets. All travel cards must fax or produce a current dues receipt before being dispatched. All Iron Workers must have a rigging belt equipped with tools when they show up for work. VOID cheque for direct deposit.

PLEASE NOTE: By posting in for a job you agree that you have read and understand all the rules. 

Current Jobline Postings

CONTRACTOR NAME: Local 14, Spokane Washington

LOCATION: Amazon distribution center
DATE: November 12, 2018
DURATION: 3 months SCHEDULE: 6 – 10’s

10- Structural Ironworkers, mostly for decking crew.
Will have to either be North American Indian Status or Dual Citizen for this job as not offering work visas. %600.00 per week subsistence and $40.81 per hour wage.
Contact Local 14 at 509-927-8288 for more details and to be dispatched.

EXTRA’S: Tickets for United States required.




LOCATION: Dakota Dunes
DATE: November 19, 2018
DURATION: 2 weeks plus SCHEDULE: 4 – 10’s Plus

4 – Rodmen

EXTRA INFORMATION: CSTS/SCOT, R&R, Fall Protection, D&A Testing, Proof of All Trade Tickets, No subsistence, AWP training, Must be able to work at heights